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About mipri

mipri mission statement

Münster International Peace Research Initiative (MIPRI) continues Münster’s legacy as an intellectual and geographic locale of peace-building since the signing of the Westphalian Peace Treaty.

The Münster Peace Research Prize promotes future-oriented ideas in peace and conflict research from international junior scientists, while the PeaceHUB fosters exchange in peace research and peace building among local, national and international actors.

MIPRI supports and unites the scientific and societal potential for sustainable peace-building initiatives.

What is mipri?

mipri is an initiative from the University of Münster’s Welcome Centre (a division of the International Office) aiming to further position Münster as an intellectual and geographical locale for peace and conflict related research. We also want to advance top-notch international research cooperation with our international partners: PRIO (Peace Research Institute Oslo), University of California Berkeley, University of São Paulo and University of Hiroshima. The project was initially funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Why the focus on the city of Münster?

The signing of the Peace of Westphalia in Münster in October of 1648 is an important event in the rich history of Münster. Connections between Münster and peace-building activities are widely recognized at regional, national, and international levels; every two years the Wirtschaftliche Gesellschaft für Westfalen und Lippe (WWL) awards the International Prize of the Peace of Westphalia, honoring personalities or representatives of states and groups who have shown particular commitment to European integration. In addition, Münster and the wider Münsterland region have an abundance of historic sites that relate to peace and conflict. Most of these sites are landmarks that used to be active during World War I, World War II and the Cold War.

Besides the rich history of the city, the University of Münster and especially its Cluster of Excellence for Religion and Politics also provides a strong foundation for excellent research opportunities, not limited to, but with emphasis on peace and conflict related research. In fact, the unique combination of the city’s history and peace tradition and excellent and innovative research at the university make Münster the perfect starting point for mipri.

The Three Pillars of mipri


1. Pillar: Münster Peace Research Prize

The Münster Peace Research Prize is a well funded prize oriented towards excellent junior research scientists who are looking to conduct a project at the University of Münster, with the goal of conducting research on pressing issues related to Peace and Conflict Research. The prize is awarded for research proposals that can be finalized within a 4 to 6 month period in conjunction with a researcher at the University of Münster.

For more information see Münster Peace Research Prize


2. Pillar: PeaceHUB

The PeaceHUB is an interactive digital platform that disseminates information and creates possibilities for interactions and connection among peace and conflict research experts and the local community.


3. Pillar: Local Community

The city of Münster has a long history in peace building, dating back to the signing of the Peace of Westphalia. It is therefore no surprise that the local community is very active with regard to the topics of Peace and Conflict. Among the active groups in the city of Münster are Friedens AG (arbeitsgruppe), Arbeitskreis 1648, Deutschen Friedensgesellschaft – Vereinigte Kriegsdienstgegner*Innen Münster (DFG-VK Münster), Friedensinitiative in Münster (FIM), Pax-Christi, Villa Ten Hompel and AVAQ-EV.