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mipri Out-reach ideas

The initiative, as already stated in the about mipri section and in the mission statement is about bringing together any actor in the field of peace and conflict research, with a strong focus on bringing scientist and non-scientist in to an exchange of knowledge and questions.

Mipri has a few ideas on how to persue this through various channels. Two of the concrete ways we are going to perform out-reach is through a podcast – One Peace at a Time, the mipri podcast, and the sustainable peace tour.

One Peace at a Time – the mipri podcast

The one peace at a time podcast is a platform where we will talk about mipri, the university of muenster and current activities in the field of peace and conflict research locally as well as internationally. We will talk discuss the muenster international peace research initiative and why we believe this is a great way to promote the university of muenster. In addition, will we be talk to the prize winners of the muenster peace research prize to get an in-depth understanding regarding the research they conduct and the importance of this research to society. We will also be hosting Q&A sessions to allow anybody with an interest in peace and conflict research to submit their questions which are then being addressed by experts from the university of Muenster, our prize winners as well as our various partners. One Peace at a Time the mipri podcast is available at all platforms that provide podcasts.

The Sustainable Peace Tour

The idea behind this out-reach / transfer project has changed dramatically due to the war in the Ukraine. Instead of a green mobility tour starting from various location surrounding the city of Muenster that are related to war time with the participants converging at the Schloss. The “tour” re-formatted into a video blog series. In this series will we highlight sites that were once used for war purposes and have been transformed into sites that are now being used for peaceful usages. Among these sites are locations such as Saerbeck, Handorf, Leonardo Campus and others. The aim behind the videos is to show that sites of war can be transformed in innovative ways to display peace and to remember that Peace is something to cherish and not something that is just normal.