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Münster Peace Research Prize

Recruiting excellent junior scientists

One of the ways mipri is promoting the University of Münster is by awarding a research prize to excellent junior researchers, called the Münster Peace Research Prize.

The prize is awarded for research proposals which investigate pressing issues within the field of Peace and Conflict Research. The aim is to recruit researchers from all over the world to Münster – the applicants of the first round include researchers from Honduras, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, Czech Republic and Russia.



Promoting Peace and Conflict Research

Topics among the applications included combating hate-speech, food security or monetary security and voting patterns, and building effective sanction packages, among others.

Prize winners work together with a host researcher from the University of Münster on the research proposal. This will ensure a close cooperation between the prize winner and the University of Münster and thereby provide an opportunity to showcase the strong research taking place in Münster.

For more information regarding the prize winners please keep an eye this website and make sure you check out One Peace at a Time, the mipri podcast.