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Welcome to PeaceHUB, the digital exchange platform from of the Münster International Peace Research Initiative (mipri).

On this platform provides information regarding The University of Münster and the activities that are on-going in the field of Peace and Conflict Research. In addition, we will share episodes of the long and rich history of the city of Münster. In 2022, mipri has awarded 4 research prizes to excellent international researchers, more information about the winners and their work is available on the PeaceHUB. Here you will also find access to the Mipri podcast, One Peace at a Time, and find the opportunity to submit your own questions regarding Peace and Conflict Research. Mipri is connected to an extensive network, and information regarding our partners you will also find on the PeaceHUB.

Münster International Peace Research Initiative (mipri) continues Münster’s legacy as an intellectual and geographic locale of peace-building since the signing of the Westphalian Peace Treaty.

The mipri Münster Peace Research Prize promotes future-oriented ideas in peace and conflict research from international junior scientists, while the PeaceHUB fosters exchange in peace research and peace building among local, national and international actors.

mipri supports and unites the scientific and societal potential for sustainable peace-building initiatives.

First Münster Peace Research Prize 2022

One of the pillars of mipri is the Münster Peace Research Prize, awarded to 4 junior international researchers to conduct research on pressing issues in the field of Peace and Conflict Research. Out of the 14 excellent applications that we received, the jury selected the following 2 PhD students and 2 Postdoctoral Researchers:

Alyssa Bernstein
Angela Chesler
Magdalena Kuyterink 
Saira Bano Orakzai

Congratulations on winning the first Münster International Peace Research Prize.

Read about the winners

Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Michael Quante, Head of the Welcome Centre Maria Homeyer, mipri project coordinator 2022 Dr. Erik Tolen (Photo by Ute Frederike Schernau)